New release "Beggar's Earth"

New music from your truly! I’m really excited to present two new songs in this mini-release called, “Beggar’s Earth”.

These songs are about impermanence and my struggle to understand it. Trying like mad to get the sands in the hourglass to flow the other way, the futile wrestling match that ensues, and eventually making peace with the passage of time. I hope this music conveys my hope and my optimism because at the heart of it, I’m nothing if not a dreamer. 

I sat in Xanadu (my studio in Nashville) and created tracks that told the story I wanted to tell. Then I caught a plane to Los Angeles and booked time at Lucy’s Meat Market with the amazingly talented engineer and mixer, Pete Min. Michael Duffy laid down the beat with that ridiculous groove that he owns. Sebastian Steinberg brought his Voodoo magic to the basslines and made everything feel good. 

Then I asked my friend, Omniflux if she would design the cover. She listened to the songs and said the music made her imagine a circle. She designed something that truly got the feeling across and she even incorporated my handwritten lyrics for Beggar’s Song. The title of the release “Beggar’s Earth” is also the handiwork of Omniflux. 

Catch A Comet, 


Jeremy Little–Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Synth, Programming 
Michael Duffy–Drums 
Sebastian Steinberg–Bass 

Recorded at Jeremy’s studio, Xanadu in Nashville 
Drums and Bass recorded by Pete Min at Lucy’s Meat Market in Los Angeles 
Mixed by Pete Min 
Mastered by Hans DeKline 
Additional Editing by David Gulik 
Cover art by Omniflux 
Produced by Jeremy Little