Jeremy Little


Jeremy Little


Performer, Composer, Musician.

Jeremy Little is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, performer, and producer whose music has been licensed thousands of times for television and film. His voice can be heard in dozens of radio and television commercials and was recently featured in the Warner Brothers Movie, "Lego Ninjago". Jeremy's skills have taken him around the globe and given him the chance to collaborate and perform with some of the world's most revered musicians.


Jeremy began his musical life young, as the son of gospel singers, Rick and Melody Little. His first love was classical music, which led to taking up the violin at age 8, but upon viewing a Prince video on MTV–a channel he was strictly forbidden to watch (he blames the babysitter)–he heard the siren call of Rock n' Roll and never looked back.


Taking up guitar, he developed a practice schedule which interfered with socializing and occasionally with school attendance. Jeremy immediately became fascinated with the intertwining arts of songwriting and composing, developing a love of the craft that he carries to this day. 


After spending his requisite years as a struggling rock n' roller, playing clubs and bars across the country, and sometimes other countries, Jeremy settled in Los Angeles, where he spent the next 15 years honing his craft. Now Residing in Nashville, he works out of his home studio, Xanadu.




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A new song from my mini-release, entitled “Beggar’s Earth”. Please enjoy “Beggar’s Song”.

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Beggar's Earth

by Jeremy Little